ACTION 1.3 “New Model of Participation-E-Democracy” PROJECT LOCAL TRAINING REPORT

Within the framework of Action 1.3 “New Model of Participation-E-democracy” Project, 150 young people were provided with e-democracy training in their schools on 14.02.2013-15.02.2013-18.02.2013-19.02.2013-20.02.2013. The aim was to enable them to discuss e-democracy concept and to create awareness, consciousness raising. For the project “e-democracy” training was provided for groups of 30 people for 5 days. The daily plan of the activities realized for 5 days is as following:

The day started with the energizer work called “names ball”. Through this work it became possible to activate the participants and to learn each other’s names. Afterwards the theme, aim and objective of the project and the youth programme was mentioned. With the activity named “impossible mission” performed enabled formation of a team spirit of the participants. Then the participants were divided into groups and asked to make their own definitions of “democracy and e-democracy”. In addition they were asked to write 5 key words. With the discussion realized afterwards “democracy and e-democracy” definitions were studied and with each group 5 keywords were found. Thus the group was made to experience the direct democracy. In the afternoon the participants were demonstrated some examples of e-democracy implementations from the world and our country. The concepts were analysed and discussed how they could be improved. The participants were guided for participation in the e-democracy implementations in Turkey and benefits of participation were discussed. As a result the day was evaluated and the daily activities were finished.


09.30- Opening-project introduction-aims
09.45- Games of names, meeting and ice-breaking
10.15- Presentation of Democracy "concepts"
10.45-11.00- Coffee break
11.00- Energizers
11.15-Simulation Activity "Democracy Island"- Active Participation of Young People in the Management Process



This project has been funded with support from the  European Commission.   Project Number is TR-E25-2012-R2. 
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