A radio called “Engelsiz FM” (FM without Disability) was installed for the Federation of Disabled Associations and live radio programmes were made on the internet.
In the live radio broadcasts views of young people were asked about the use of democratic rights on social media, virtual citizenship, active participation, fight against racism and xenophobia, cultural diversity, intercultural learning, European population inventory (youth, elder, male, female, student, out of education period, disabled, without disability, internet use, social media), participation in democratic processes, decision making process, contribution of technology in democratic life, comparing Turkey and Europe regarding use of internet, local governing bodies and NGO’s in e-democracy, etc. and radio broadcasts were realized with multiplying effects such as raising awareness and consciousness related e-democracy, use of democratic rights on social media.
Repeated versions of the radio programmes are continuously provided on “Engelsiz FM” (FM without Disability).
In addition an opportunity was gained to address a wider mass of audience by being a guest in the programme called “My backpack” on the Sound of Turkey Radio.

The live broadcast programmes are available in the links.

This project has been funded with support from the  European Commission.   Project Number is TR-E25-2012-R2. 
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