New Model of Participation: 'E-Democracy'-Project Preparation Meeting Agenda and by discussion of the agenda decisions taken and Project planning to have a successful Project.

 6-9 December 2012 Talinn


  1. Opening Speech by the Director of the Federation of Disabled Associations related to the Organisational Structure and the Project
  2. Opening Speech by the Talinna ja Harjumaa Association of the Hard of Hearing related to the Organisational Structure and the Project
  3. Mission of the Talinna ja Harjumaa Association of the Hard of Hearing, THVÜ: to participate in the project, preparation and closure meetings, to support project activities, to implement the questionnaires in country, to establish and operate info-points in organization, to provide support for project website, to introduce project in country.
  4. Mission of THINK Eesti MTÜ- THİNK; : to participate in the project, preparation and closure meetings, to support project activities, to implement the questionnaires in country, to establish and operate info-points in organization, to provide support for project website, to introduce project in country.
  5. Summary of Project: E-democracy, digital democracy, and e-government are all phenomena that are developing together with ICT sector growth and rapid public-service development processes. Governments have strongly supported change in the Information Society and in electronic services. From a broad perspective the change is not only about transferring the services onto the Internet and making them reachable via different network infrastructures: it is more a question of profound strategic change in public-sector services overall, and a new kind of “virtual” citizenship. Support for traditional political participation will come from technology, online information, 24 hour discussion groups, and local virtual arenas such as municipality websites.  Participation, voting, and especially, youth empowerment are important activities for building up the Information Society. In this situation our project aim to develop a new participation model for e-democracy thanks to web-site info points which establish in municipality, project activities that realise with 28 youth during 5 days, online radio and radio.
  6. National Priorities: To enable young people to reach European citizenship consciousness, to include activities promoting young people to participate in democratic life and their active participation, to fight against racism and xenophobia as well as enable respect for cultural diversity, to improve the intercultural learning of young people by providing opportunity for those coming from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds for common activities, full participation of young people in especially the disabled, social, Cultural and Economic society for the young people with less opportunities as an important priority of European Commission.
  7. Thematic Concept: Our project aims to improve the participation process by handling the information society developing rapidly today and the use of internet as an important tools of this society both in local governing and young  people dimension. Within the framework of the project by the “info-points” to be established in the Municipality of Şereflikoçhisar the young people will be provided with information about the concept and tools of e-democracy  and awareness seminars will be organized for the high schools in the district so the active participation of young people shall be provided in the questionnaire, report and information processes to be realized related to all implementations on the web page of the municipality.   In this process the aim formed for the sustainability of the project is to establish the Youth Assembly. So participation of young people representative democracy mechanisms will be enabled. Questionnaires, online radio, e-bulletin, awareness training in schools, info-point implementation and as a project activity to be realized with 28 young people shall enable young people to have experience related to active citizenship concept and implementations. E-Democracy project shall help development of an important approach regarding increasing the active participation of young people and especially disadvantaged young people in national and international level and the use of new tools (internet) for this purpose. Especially it aims to become a model in whole of EU in the dissemination level to gather policy makers and young people together especially in local level.
  8. 1. Preparation Meeting: The preparation meeting to be realized in Estonia for viewing and revising the project activities and roles of partners shall take 2 days with 2 participants from each partner. Here work shall be performed related to the process of project planning and dissemination.
  9. 2. Project Promotion Activities:
  10. 2.a.Web site: Since our project is based on the e-democracy concept the website has importance. The website to have a role of a filtered information storage for the all learning processes necessary for participation shall also have the contents and role where the online radio programme shall be made, where the implementations of questionnaires, reports etc of the Municipality of Şereflikoçhisar and our partner Think-Estonia related to the participant processes.
  11. 2.b.Brochure: For the promotion of the project 2000 brochures to be prepared  in Turkish-English and Estonian will be distributed by each partner.
  12. 2.c. Poster: 200 posters shall be prepared and distributed for the promotion of the project.
  13. 2.d. E-bulletin: The e-bulletin which tells about the project activities and the process and aims dissemination of the e-democracy concept and implementations, to be sent via internet to local governing and NGO’s in EU, shall be prepared twice in the project period.
  14. 3. On-line Radio: In the framework of the project aiming promotion of use of Information Technologies as a tool in participation processes, preparation, installation of radio to broadcast on the website and realization of broadcasting.
  15. 4. Questionnaire Implementation: application and evaluation of questionnaires to 500 young people in Estonia and Turkey by which the views and suggestions of young people and especially disabled young people about their participation on the internet.
  16. 5. Establishment of Info-Points: In the info points to be organized in the frameworks of the Municipality of Şereflikoçhisar, Federation of Disabled Associations and Think-Estonia and the other partner, information shall be provided related to e-democracy and implementations.
  17. 6.Awareness trainings: Participation of 150 young people in the 5 trainings is aimed in Ankara and in the high schools located in the area of the Municipality of Şereflikoçhisar to be realized with the non-formal learning processes where our project and the e-democracy implementations are shared.
  18. 7.Determination of Participants: For determining the participants of the project activity announcements shall be made on the website and the participants shall be provided with equal opportunity.
  19. 8. Project Activity: 5 day training meeting to be realized with the participation of 28 young people of 18-30 ages with disability and without disability from Estonia and Turkey shall be performed on concepts and tools of participation, active participation, volunteerism- e-democracy with non-formal training methods.
  20. 9. Preparation of Project Result Leaflet: The Project Result Leaflet of the project, which we aim to improve as a new model in the local and national participations processes, shall be produced as a guide including all activities realized in the cycle of the project.
  21. The activity shall be implemented in Ankara, organized by the Municipality of Şereflikoçhisar and Federation of Disabled Associations, accommodation and transfers shall be realized. The accommodation venue shall be selected suitable for our disabled participants.


Thursday, 7th December 2012, Tallinn (Estonia)

09:15 – 10:30 

Welcome Speeches, introduction presentation of partners

10.30 - 10.50 

Tea and Coffee Break
The project aims, objectives,, web page, flyer, poster, questionnaires, info points, project booklet and dissemination activities

12:15 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:00

Looking through the project documents and responsibilities of partners.

15.00 - 15.20

Tea and Coffee Break

15.20- 17.00 

Free discussion about project application


Dinner ( Together)

Friday , 8th December 2012

09:15 – 10:30

Short summary of the kick-off meeting (responsibilities , communication, reports and financial issues)

10.30 - 11.30

 Free Discussion for management, implementing and dissemination of projects


Lunch and finish


This project has been funded with support from the  European Commission.   Project Number is TR-E25-2012-R2. 
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