E-democracy, digital democracy, and e-governent are all phenomena that are developing together with ICT sector growth and rapid public-service development processes. Governments, have strongly supported change in the Information Society and in electronic services. From a broad perspective the change is not only about transferring the services onto the Internet and making them reachable via different network infrastructures: it is more a question of profound strategic change in public-sector services overall, and a new kind of "virtual" citizenship. 

Support for traditional political participation will come from technology, online information, 24 hour discussion groups, and local virtual arenas such as municipality and non-Governmental Organizations' web sites. 
Participation, voting, and especially, youth empowerment are important activities for building up the Information Society.

Aim of the Project is to develop a new participation model for e-democracy by participation of the young people from Universities, disabled organizations and community. Project web page , info points of municipality, radio programmes concerning Project and 5 days Project concentrated meeting in Turkey will be realized to reach the aims of E-democracy Project. At the the end of the Project , Project conclusion report will be published in the web page of Project as English and Turkish.

All kind of recommendation and messages about E-democracy Project are WELCOME until the June 28,2013.

November 29,2012, Ankara
Abdurrahman KURTASLAN

Coordinator of Project

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This project has been funded with support from the  European Commission.   Project Number is TR-E25-2012-R2. 
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